Working Holiday Visa Registration Process

Dear Applicant,

Please review the following information before proceeding.

  • In order to apply for an Australian working holiday visa, we are required to schedule a consultation interview.
  • The purpose of the consultation is check if you are legally eligible to apply for this visa.
  • You may be contacted by a case manager within 7 working days for a required welcome call – in order to explain about the process and requirements.
  • You will be assigned a Case ID number upon registration – Your Case ID number will be used to identify each applicant in our system.

Pre-Case Registration Fee:

  • For applicants who require priority support.
  • By completing the Pre-Case fee, you will be contacted by a dedicated assigned case manager from our immigration department in order to begin the process.

Pre-Case Registration Fee

$ 9
Processing Fee
  • Immediate Consultation Interview
  • High Priority Support
  • Dedicated Case Manager
  • Phone Support
  • Email & Chat Support
  • Australia Life Guide
  • Refunded if not eligible to apply for assessment

Steps of the Process:

  1. Consultation Interview conducted by a case manager to confirm eligibility.
  2. Case preparation by our legal and immigration department.
  3. Registration and completion of service fees
  4. Document collection stage
  5. Document review
  6. Visa application submission
  7. Visa application outcome and visa grant.

Application Service Fee:

  • $1,720 – $2,220 USD [This depends on applicants’ profile and needs]
  • Note – Service fees can differ due to country of residence, age, and specific applicant requirements.
  • All service fees are in USD
  • Government fees are in AUD

Basic Visa Rights:

  • Work Full Time
  • Study for up to 4 months
  • Travel freely in and out of Australia.
  • 12 Month stay for 1st Working Holiday Visa [You can also become eligible to apply for a 2nd and 3rd Working Holiday Visa]
  • Can possibly be extended for another 12 months – For 2nd Working Holiday Visa
  • Can possibly be extended for another 12 months – For 3rd Working Holiday Visa
  • You will be protected by the Australian workplace law

Contact for Consultation Interview