Promise of Service

Under our regulations, we provide FREE immigration advice, support, and research to all registered applicants.

In order to guide each applicant step by step throughout the entire visa process we must abide by all rules and regulations of the Australian government’s home affairs department and MARA code of conduct.

Step 1
Schedule Consultation Interview

Step 2
Perform Full Visa Assessment

Step 3
Receive Assessment Results

Step 4
Begin Visa Application Process


Contact for Consultation Interview

    In order to assist applicants from different time zones around the world, our staff works mornings, evenings, and night shifts.
    +61 3 8592 6411

    Pre-Case Priority Registration

    Priority Registration will allow you to begin the visa application process as quickly as possible. A case manager personally responsible for your case will be in touch within 24-72 hours.

    Listed below are the benefits of priority registration as well as information about the visa process.

    Required steps to begin a visa application:

    1. Consultation Interview
      • A case manager will interview you to determine if you are eligible for a Full Visa Assessment.
    2. Full Visa Assessment
      • Performed by a licensed MARA migration agent or Immigration Lawyer
      • Provides a list of all visas you are eligible to apply.
    3. Assessment Results Consultation
      • Discuss the different types of visas you were found eligible for with a case manager.
      • Receive advice and information on which visa is the best for you to apply for.
      • Support from the case manager in filling out the application and organizing all required documents.

    Pre-Case Registration Fee


    Processing Fee

    • Immediate Consultation Interview
    • High Priority Support
    • Dedicated Case Manager
    • Phone Support
    • Email & Chat Support
    • Australia Life Guide
    • Refunded if not eligible to apply for assessment
    • Went from a working holiday visa to permanent residency. Got splendid service and support, the staff is very proficient and organized.
      Walter Southgate
      United Kingdom
    • My case manager was patient and held my PR visa application when I was dealing with personal issues. The staff helped me pick up where I left off without any problems.
      Johannes Pillay
      South Africa
    • So happy for Australia Express, I got through my medical board registration and continued my nursing career in Australia thanks to them. I recommended two of my close loved family members as well.
      Cecilia Del Rosario
    • I had problems with my English exam, Australia Express offered to pay for my next exam to show support, I was not expecting this kind of service and I glad me and my family chose to work with this organization.
      Aureliano Bardales
    • I was already in Australia trying to extend my work visa and after a consultation with a case manager I was able to apply for residency and bring over my family, I can't say it wasn’t difficult but the staff did not let me give up! I Would recommend to anyone this organization!
      Sarah van der Merwes
      South Africa