Pre-case fee and Consultation interview registration

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Pre-Case Priority Registration

Priority Registration will allow you to begin the visa application process as quickly as possible. A case manager personally responsible for your case will be in touch within 24-72 hours.

Listed below are the benefits of priority registration as well as information about the visa process.

Required steps to begin a visa application:

  1. Consultation Interview
    • A case manager will interview you to determine if you are eligible for a Full Visa Assessment.
  2. Full Visa Assessment
    • Performed by a licensed MARA migration agent or Immigration Lawyer
    • Provides a list of all visas you are eligible to apply.
  3. Assessment Results Consultation
    • Discuss the different types of visas you were found eligible for with a case manager.
    • Receive advice and information on which visa is the best for you to apply for.
    • Support from the case manager in filling out the application and organizing all required documents.

Pre-Case Registration Fee

Processing Fee
$ 34
  • Immediate Consultation Interview
  • High Priority Support
  • Dedicated Case Manager
  • Phone Support
  • Email & Chat Support
  • Australia Life Guide
  • Refunded if not eligible to apply for assessment