Visa Assessment Fees & Conditions

Dear Applicant ,

Please review the following information before proceeding.

All visa assessments are performed by our immigration and legal departments and will include all viable visa types in the results.

The purpose of checking all visa types is to increase the probability of success by showing all options and matching an applicant’s profile to the most suitable visa type. This will be the first step before applying for the official visa application.

  • All fees are in USD
  • See refund policy below

Legal Service Fees –[Full Visa Assessment]


  • An applicant cannot apply or pay the processing fee for a full visa assessment unless found qualified to apply during their consultation interview.
  • If you have not completed a consultation interview, you can select to open a pre-case registration at this stage.

Single Assessment

$ 499 USD
Legal Service Fee
  • Single Applicant Assessment
  • AEX – Assessment/Eligibility Case Preparation
  • AEX – Document Storage and Processing
  • MARA Agent Eligibility Assessment - Allocated per client profile needs.
  • Assigned Senior Case Manager
  • Assessment results within 15-30 workings days.

All-Inclusive specialty assessment – Required For Specific Applicant Profiles:

Please Note

Due to an applicant’s overall profile and needs – an all-inclusive specialty assessment may be necessary –
this will be discussed by the case manager during your consultation interview.

  • Legal Processing Fee: [$799 USD]
  • Automatic high priority processing
  • Dedicated executive account manager.
  • Includes Spouse.
  • Includes children under the age of 18 and dependent children under the age of 25.
  • Includes business visa assessment.
  • Special medical needs assessment.
  • Expedited processing times. [7-10 working days]
  • This fee is deductible if found qualified to apply after results.
  • This fee is refunded if you are not found qualified to apply for any type of visa after receiving your official assessment results.

Refund and Deductible Policy:

  • Under regulations, if an applicant is not found qualified to apply for any type of visa after receiving their assessment results, the fee will be refunded automatically. This is done to protect the resources of the applicant.
  • Our immigration department cannot legally handle a case if an applicant is not found eligible to apply.
  • In addition, the deductible policy states that under regulations, if you are found qualified to apply and choose to proceed with your legal case, the processing fee for the assessment will be deducted from the total balance of the case.