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Immigration Scam Safety Guide

Immigration Scam & Fraud Awareness Guide

For years immigration services have been privatized by companies with only profits in mind. This has created so much confusion and distrust amongst millions of people who are trying to better their lives by expatriating to a different country. These private companies use sales tactics, marketing, and political terms to convince people into paying thousands of dollars without knowing if they qualify to begin the immigration process in the first place.

These companies also charge their clients for additional products/services that are tactically phrased to make you think the products/services are necessary for you to immigrate successfully.

For your own safety please continue reading the information below and share this information with your loved ones who are also attempting to immigrate to their chosen country.

Contact us if you feel you have been misled or deceived by any immigration company and we will advise on how to proceed safely with your immigration process.

Don’t fall for scripted sales techniques and illegal manipulation of official rules

Please read the following information very carefully and take the correct actions if you find yourself in one of the following scenarios:

If you are told or asked the following in person or over the phone do not cooperate

  • If you are guaranteed any type of immigration visa before beginning or during your immigration process. There are no guarantees when it comes to immigration.
  • If you are threatened that if you don’t continue the immigration process right now you will not be able to ever continue.
  • If you are threatened that if you don’t continue the immigration process right now you will have to wait a certain amount of years before trying to immigrate again.  
  • If you are ever asked for your credit card information just to check if you can continue the process – this is done to validate that you have an international credit card that will be accepted by that specific company sales call center.
  • If you’re told that you only need to pay once for the immigration procedure and never again. Immigration carries multiple fees depending on the stage of the process.
  • If you are told that you’re being called by the government or a part of the government of the respective country you wish to immigrate to. – Unless the proper identification is provided. The immigration department of any country does not contact people directly unless you are in the final stages of the immigration process in which your local embassy might contact you.
  • If you are threatened that if you don’t pay right now, then your application will be closed forever, this is a sales tactic used to pressure the client to make an impulsive decision.
  • If you are offered discounts or benefits for immigration services. – This is a sales tactic and has nothing to do with your chances of immigrating successfully.
  • If you are told you have the “highest” chances of immigrating successfully based on your resume. – Immigration is not solely based on your resume, there are other factors involved.
  • If you offered a “discount” in the middle of the conversation with that company’s representatives – Pricing fees and processing fees should always have a fixed rate. 

If you are told that you must purchase a product/service from one of the following examples to continue/improve your chances of immigrating successfully – Do not cooperate. 

  • Language learning software  
  • Immigration guide books / PDF files      
  • Language learning program
  • I.E.L.T.S (International English Language Testing System) preparation course   
  • Third-party services – Relocation job services/ Online educational services

Please share this information with your community and those who would like to apply for any Australian Visa or immigration process.


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