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Australia Quality Of Life

Australia Quality of Life

Australia is the second-best country in the world to be providing good quality of life to its nationals. This UN ranking speaks for itself when you try to find about Australia quality of life. Let’s see some of the amazing things Australia has to offer to you:

Quality of Family life

Living with your family in Australia is convenient as the government has provided the locals with the best institutes, facilities and accommodation. Unlike European homes, house sizes here are relatively much more capacious. Mortgage rates don’t exceed more than 28% of the monthly income of nationals. Population growth rate is 1.2% annually, a quite steady one.

Trips and vacations

The big chunk of land has a lot of opportunities for people to enjoy there. You can plan everything fun with your family and friends and never get bored. These include skiing, mountaineering, rowing, sunbathing, surfing, paragliding, and much more. This is possible because of the diversity nature has to offer here.

Australia’s Sands and water

From continental reefs to breathtaking snowy peaks, this place is filled with surprises. Whether you want to kiss the ocean waves or enjoy the sandy canyons, Australia is the place to be at. If you are a fan of nature, this is the right place to spoil yourself with all the amazing sceneries. You will definitely enjoy the freshness in the air.

Health and well-being

Australia has a resolute healthcare system with hospitals having one of the best facilities in the world. Medicare scheme enables the free healthcare system for its nationals certainly amplifying Australia quality of life. With life expectancy up to 85 years, this country is promising when it comes to taking quality care of the health of its nationals.


Having a lot of immigrants and ethnic groups, Australia has one of the most culturally and linguistically diverse population in the world. With over 500 different clan groups, this culturally rich land has a lot to offer. Get ready to amaze yourself with the food, dresses, music, art, you name it.

Ever wondered what’s life like in Australia? personal accounts and statistical quantifications prove that it is indeed one of the best places to live in.
Australia boasts of more than just lovely tourist spots and cute marsupials.

Life In Australia

All these factors combined make Australia an irresistible living destination. Therefore, it is a good idea to migrate to Australia.

According to the United Nations’ report on Human Development Index, 2015, Australia is one of the best countries to live in the world; second only to Norway and followed by Switzerland.This score was calculated by considering 3 basic dimensions of human development, namely:

  1. life expectancy at birth
  2. average expectancy of schooling and
  3. gross national income per citizen

All these factors considered awarded Australia a score of 0.935 out of 1.

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  1. I am looking for work in Australia I live in Cyprus I work in the field of construction If there is an opportunity to go to Australia tell me and if not thank you anyway

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